HMIS users are only those with a legitimate reason for working with the system as determined by the agency HMIS Lead. 

User Agreement

The HMIS User Agreement is a contract between an agency and its personnel (employed staff or volunteers) who collect, use, and maintain client data for the agency. 

The agreement details the user policy, responsibilities, and code of ethics, and must be signed upon first logging into Clarity HMIS. The agreement is part of the user's profile in Clarity, and can be updated if/when necessary. 

Any Clarity user found to be in violation of the agreement will be sanctioned in accordance with the severity of the violation. 

  • All users must immediately report any potential security, policy, or procedural violations to both agency management and HMIS support. Agency management and/or HMIS support will investigate the suspected violation. 
  • Sanctions for policy violations include but are not limited to suspension or revocation of system privileges. Egregious violations of the security plan may result in immediate termination of an agency or user's access to the HMIS as determined by the HMIS Lead (STEH). The type, degree, and/or immediacy of suspension and/or revocation would depend on the exigency of the circumstances but as soon as practicable, would be done in consultation with the Cincinnati/Hamilton County CoC Board, also known as the Homeless Clearinghouse. 

Clarity Passwords and Inactive Accounts

HMIS support provides and contacts users with usernames and passwords. 

Passwords must follow these requirements:

  • Be 8 characters or longer
  • Contain at least one uppercase letter (A-Z)
  • Contain at least one lowercase letter (a-z)
  • Contain at least one number (0-9)
  • Contain at least one special character ( !@#$%^&*() )

Passwords cannot:

  • Be the same as the three (3) prior passwords used for the login account
  • Contain the name of your Clarity instance
  • Contain the word "clarity"
  • Contain the user's first name, last name, or username
  • Contain "ABC" or "123" in that order
  • Contain more than two (2) consecutive characters

Users have five (5) login attempts before the account is automatically locked for two hours. 

The agency is responsible for notifying HMIS support when a user leaves employment and/or no longer needs access to HMIS. HMIS support will then deactivate or delete the user's Clarity HMIS account. 

Users not logging in for 90 consecutive days will be locked out due to inactivity. In case of a lockout, users are to contact HMIS support to have their account reactivated. 

Contact Information

If you need help, or wish to offer suggestions or feedback, please contact the Cincinnati/Hamilton County HMIS Support Team at or by calling 513-263-2790 9 a.m. -3 p.m. Monday-Friday excluding holidays. 

When contacting HMIS Support, please do not include any Personal Identifiable Information such as social security numbers, birth dates, etc. Acceptable information is first name and last 4 digits of SSN, or Clarity Unique Identifier found on the Clarity client's profile page.