Step 1: Confirm with the Client that they consent to share Basic Profile information within the HMIS
This is in regards to a Client's initial Agency encounter and does not pertain to returning clients.  

If a Client does not wish to share PII, skip to Step 3. 

Step 2: Search the Clarity database for any previous client records.

For Clients who agree to share PII within the HMIS, you will need to search the database to ensure there is not an already existing record before creating a new one. 

  • Search by client’s name (either full or partial), date of birth, last name and last four digits of the client’s Social Security number (for example, Demo 0000 brings up every client with that particular combination of name and digits). Note: if searching with last 4 digits of social, enter a space between the name and digits. 
  • If a there is an existing record, confirm that the profile data is up-to-date/correct with the client
  • If the client is not already in the system, click “ADD CLIENT” in the top right corner of the "search for a client" box. 

Please watch this video or follow the detailed steps below to add a Client Profile to Clarity:

Step 3: Add a New Client Record

Step 4: Complete all required entry fields.

Note: the system won’t let you go on to another screen without filling in these fields. The required fields include Social Security Number, Name, Date of Birth, Race, Ethnicity, Veteran Status, and Gender. Depending on how your particular system is set up, you may have additional required and/or optional fields.

Step 5: Complete the “RELEASE OF INFORMATION” (RoI) field on the top right hand corner of the screen.


Make sure the client reads and understands all documentation before entering the document in the client’s file.

  • Clicking the down arrow to the right of “DOCUMENTATION” opens a drop-down box with several options.
    • Electronic Signature allows the client to sign using their finger or a computer mouse. Important: Click “APPLY” before clicking “SAVE”.

    • Attached PDF: Use this when you have an electronic version already saved to a file.

    • Signed Paper Document: This is for a physical document stored on the premises. You’ll enter a location where the document is stored. For example: “In locked file cabinet in office manager’s office.”

    • Household is when the client is a minor, and needs a guardian in the same household to sign the document.

    • Verbal Consent: This option was implemented during the COVID-19 Pandemic to comply with social distancing orders and will stay in effect until State and local health officials deem there is no longer a public health emergency. Note: The document must still be reviewed by the client.

  • When complete, save the option. Note: The client has the option to say NO to releasing information. In this case, just click NO under the PERMISSION drop-down.

When finished entering all applicable information, click “ADD RECORD” at the bottom of the screen. 

When you have completed the information entry, scroll to the top of the screen. If entry was successful, you’ll see a green bar. If errors were made, a red bar will appear. Correct any errors and click “ADD RECORD” again. Scroll to the top again to check the color of the bar.

If the client refuses to release information

After you've saved the client record, set the record to 'Private'. You can only complete this function after the client record has been created. 

  • Click the shield in the top right corner of the screen

  • The default option is 'Public.' Click the 'Private' button and click 'Save Changes.'

  • Look for the green bar showing you've successfully saved the change. You'll also see a padlock icon to let you know the record is set to private. 

For more information, click the link to see the Bitfocus article on creating a new client.

Contact Us

If you need help, or wish to offer suggestions or feedback, please contact the Cincinnati/Hamilton County HMIS support team at or by calling 513-263-2790 9:00am - 3:00pm Monday-Friday (excluding holidays).

When contacting HMIS Support, please do not include any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as names, social security numbers, birth dates, etc. Please use the Clarity Unique Identifier found on the Clarity client profile page.