HMIS Glossary Of Terms (  

Homeless Management Information Systems - Implementation Guide - Glossary ( 

AHARAnnual Homeless Assessment Report (LSA)
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AMIArea Median Income

APRAnnual Progress ReportReport that tracks program progress and accomplishments in HUD`s competitive homeless assistance programs. The APR provides the grantee and HUD with information necessary to assess each grantee`s performance.
ARDAnnual Renewal Demand (for CoC Application)
American Rescue Plan


American Rescue Plan Act - State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds

BBBBlock By Block
Basic Center Program


Bed Night

Bed UtilizationAn indicator of whether shelter beds are occupied on a particular night or over a period of time.
BFZBuilt for Zero
BHSBethany House ServicesCHO
CAACommunity Action Agency
CAPCentral Access Point
CAPERConsolidated Annual Performance Report
CBICommunity Bridges, Inc.
CCTSTCenter for Clinical and Translational Science and Training
CDBGCommunity Development Block Grant (fed to state)
CECoordinated Entry
CESCoordinated Entry System
CFRCode of Federal Regulation
CGMCity Gospel Mission
CHChronically HomelessHUD defines a chronically homeless person as an unaccompanied homeless individual with a disabling condition who has either been continuously homeless for a year or more, or has had at least four episodes of homelessness in the past three years. To be considered chronically homeless, persons must have been sleeping in a place not meant for human habitation (e.g., living on the streets) and/or in an emergency homeless shelter during that time.
CHATCincinnati Housing Assessment Tool
CHOCovered Homeless Organization or Contributing HMIS OrganizationAny organization (including its employees, volunteers, affiliates, contractors, and associates) that records, uses, or processes data on homeless clients for an HMIS. The requirements of the HMIS Final Notice apply to all Covered Homeless Organizations.
CILOCenter for Independent Living OptionsCHO
CMCase Management / Case Manager

CMHACincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority
COBRAConsolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (Continuation of health coverage)

CoCContinuum of CareA community with a unified plan to organize and deliver housing and services to meet the specific needs of people who are homeless as they move to stable housing and maximize self-sufficiency. HUD funds many homeless programs and HMIS implementations through Continuums of Care grants.
CPDCommunity Planning and Development
CPSChild Protective Services
CQIContinuous Quality Import
CSVComma-Separated Values
DAFDiagnostic Assessment Form

DeidentificationThe process of removing or altering data in a client record that could be used to identify the person. This technique allows research, training, or other non-clinical applications to use real data without violating client privacy.
DITData Import Tool
DOBDate of Birth
DVDomestic Violence
EAEmergency Assistance
EFSPEmergency Financial Services Program
E/EEntry/Exit Shelter
EHVEmergency Housing Voucher
ESEmergency Shelter
ESGEmergency Solutions GrantA federal grant program designed to help improve the quality of existing emergency shelters for the homeless, to make available additional shelters, to meet the costs of operating shelters, to provide essential social services to homeless individuals, and to help prevent homelessness.
ESNAPElectronic Special Needs Assistance Program
EX / EXCELExcel DevelopmentCHO
FH / FHIHNFound HouseCHO
FHPFamily Housing Partnership
FMRFair Market Rent
FSFBFree Store Food Bank
FSPPFamily Shelter Partnership Program
FYFiscal Year
GCBHSGreater Cincinnati Behavioral Health ServicesCHO
GCFGreater Cincinnati Foundation
GPDGrant Per Diem
HSLCHousing Stability Learning Cohort
HCMHomeless Case Management
HCRPHomeless Crisis Response Programs (from OH Development Services Agency)
HCHVHealth Care for Homeless Veterans
HCVHousing Choice Voucher (Section 8)
HDGFHousing Development Gap Financing
HDXHomeless Data Exchange
HDX 2Homeless Data Exchange 2.0 (for LSA)
HICHousing Inventory Count
HIPPHomeless Individuals Partnership Program
HMISHomeless Management Information System
HoHHead of Household
HOGHomeless Outreach Group
HOMEHousing Opportunities Made Equal
HOPWAHousing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS/HIV
HPHomeless Prevention
HPRPHomeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing
HPRRHomeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing
HSPHousing Stability Program
HTCHousing Tax  Credit
HTHHomeless to Homes
HUDDepartment of Housing and Urban Development
IDISIntegrated Disbursement and Information System
IHNInterfaith Hospitality Network
JFSJewish Family Services or Job and Family Services
LGSLarge Group Scoring
LISCLocal Initiatives Support Corporation
LEOLab for Economic Opportunities
LOTHLength of Time Served in a particular project
LOSLength of Stay
LSALongitudinal System Analysis
LYS / LYFSLighthouse Youth Services / Lighthouse Youth and Family ServicesCHO
MCOManaged Care Organization
MHSRBMental Health and Recovery Services Board
NCRNational Church ResidenciesCHO
NISRENothing Into Something Real Estate
NKHDNorthern Kentucky Health Department
NKIDHDNorthern Kentucky Independent District Health Dept
NOFANotice of Funding AvailabilityAn announcement of funding available for a particular program or activity. 
NOFONotice of Funding Opportunity
NSPNeighborhood Stabilization Programs
NSPIRENational Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate
OCDOffice of Community Development
ODSAOhio Development Services Agency
ODODOhio Department of Development
OHFAOhio Housing Finance Agency
OHTFOhio Housing Trust Fund
OMBOffice of Management and Budget
OPHOther Permanent Housing
OTRCHOver the Rhine Community HousingCHO
OVGIOhio Valley Goodwill IndustriesCHO
PATHProj. for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness
PBRAProject-Based Rental Assistance

Performance Measures A process that systematically evaluates whether your program’s efforts are making an impact on the clients you are serving.
PCLThe Partnership Center LTD
PH / PSHPermanent Housing / Permanent Supportive House
PII / PPIPersonal Identifiable Information / Personal Protected Information
PITPoint in Time Count
PPIPersonal Protected Information
PRAPermanent Rental Assistance
PSHPermanent Supportive Housing
PWAPersons with AIDS/HIV
PWODPersons with Other Disorders
RHYRunaway and Homeless Youth
RRHRapid Rehousing
SA or TSASalvation ArmyCHO
SAMISubstance Abuse, Mental Illness
SBRASponsor-Based Rental Assistance
SDShelter Diversion
SHPSupportive Housing Program
SHVGShelter House Volunteer GroupCHO
SMISeverely Mentally Ill
SOStreet Outreach
SPCShelter Plus Care
SPMSystem Performance Measures
SROSingle Room Occupancy
SSOSupportive Services Only
SSVFSupport Services for Veteran Families
STEHStrategies to End Homelessness
STRMUShort Term Rental/Mortgage/Utility Assistance
TATechnical Assistance
TALTalbert House CHO
TANFTemporary Assisstance for Needy Families
Tenant-Based Rental Assistance

TGGHTom Geiger Guest House
THTalbert House or Transitional Housing
THLPTransitional Housing Leasing Pool
TLPTransitional Living Program
TMTender MerciesCHO
UFAUnited Funding Agency
VAVeteran's AdministrationCHO
VASHVA Supportive Housing
VAWAVoilence Against Women Act
VESTAVirtual Electronic Services Tracking Assistance (HMIS)
VI-SPDATVulnerability Index - Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool
VOAVolunteer of AmericaCHO
YDSTYouth Dedicated Service Team
YHDPYouth Homelessness Demonstration Project
YOPYouth Outreach Program
YWCAYoung Women's Christian AssociationCHO