How to: Laundry and Shower Services

In order to record a daily attendance for Laundry and Shower Services, all guests must have an active Clarity HMIS Client Profile. This service does NOT require a program enrollment. 

  1. Click on the Launcher Icon and select ATTENDANCE
  2.  Click on the edit icon next to "Laundry and Shower Service: Laundry and Shower Services."
  3. Confirm the date is correct. (Change the date to reflect the day the service was provided if needed.)
  4. Click on the +Add button next to any guest's name to record receipt of service.
    1. If the client has been recorded as receiving the service in the last four months, their name should be visible in the "Clients from last4 Months" column.

    2. If the client has not utilized this service before, they can be searched for on the right.

    3. If the client is not present in either list, add a new client profile for the guest.  Please see this article on adding a new Client Profile: Step-by-Step Client Entry : (