HMIS users can document housing program openings by using the Availability feature found in the REFERRALS tab. The Availability feature allows users to record information about program openings. The STEH Coordinated Entry team can then use these openings to refer clients to the program.

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to add availability/openings in Clarity.

  • Viewing Availability
  • Updating Availability
  • Completing a reservation through program enrollment/connecting a referral to an enrollment

Please note that this process requires referral-enrollment connections to be up to date so that units do not automatically re-open when a referral expires.  Managing Referrals from CAP/CE : ( 

Viewing Availability

Click on the REFERRALS tab in the top right corner under your name. 

Select the 'Availability' tab.

Here you will see a list of projects and their availability status.

  • Full Availability - indicates the program is available for referrals but specific openings have not been recorded. All programs are set to full availability by default so referrals can be made to the program.
  • Limited Availability - allows Clarity users to document and view specific openings. Programs must be set to limited availability to record specific program openings in Clarity.
  • No Availability - indicates that there are no openings. The limited available setting will also indicate if there are no openings available.

Click on the down arrow next to the program name to view if there are available openings, reserved (matched) openings, or no available openings. Or to edit or add a program opening.

Updating Availability

Click on the trash can icon to delete an opening.

Click on the edit icon to edit an opening.

Click on  + ADD SINGLE OPENING  to enter a single opening or + ADD MULTIPLE OPENINGS to enter new openings.

After selecting either a single opening or multiple openings, fill out the following information about the opening(s):

  1. Number of Openings - Displays only when adding multiple openings. Enter the number of openings in this field. Note: all other details entered will be replicated once changes are saved. You will need to add single openings to enter unique details for each opening. (For example, if you have one opening for a single and one opening for a family enter each as single openings instead of choosing the multiple opening option.)
  2. Date - The date the opening was created.
  3. Additional Notes - Enter general notes about the opening that Coordinated Entry personnel should know to match the opening to a client (for example: size, accessibility, number of people, etc.). The date the opening was entered and these notes will be available from the referral screen the Coordinated Entry team uses when referring a client.
  4. Primary Agency Contact - Enter the name and email address of the primary point of contact at your agency for this unit opening.
  5. Additional Contacts - This space allows you to include the names and email addresses of additional agency contacts for this unit opening.
  6. Date Available - This is the date that the unit will be available to move in.
  7. Click the SAVE CHANGES button to save.



After selecting "SAVE CHANGES," the new opening(s) will be visible from the Availability tab.

Completing a Reservation

Additional references: Referrals: the Availability Tab (

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