This article provides step-by-step instructions on the VI-SPDAT process in the YWCA Clarity HMIS Comparable database. It includes:

  • Complete a VI-SPDAT
    • Enroll a client/household in the STEH VI-SPDAT Program
    • Add a Current Living Situation
    • Completing a VI-SPDAT ROI
    • Conduct the Vi-SPDAT Assessment
  • Refer the client/household to the Community Queue
  • Refer the client/household to a housing program
  • Complete the referral by enrolling the client into the referred to program or 
  • Document the client or program denied the match (the client was not placed)

Complete a VI-SPDAT

1.  Make sure you are logged into the "YWCA Residential" Agency

2. Search for the client or the head of household if there are multiple clients in the household. Note: the client should have an active enrollment in either the DVS or the House of Peace Shelter to be eligible to take a VI-SPDAT assessment.

3. Once the client is selected, go to the "Programs" tab and enroll the client in the "STEH VI-SPDAT" program.

4. Complete a "Current Living Situation" (found in the program level "Assessments" tab). 

5. Sign or upload a "VI-SPDAT ROI." First go to the "Forms" tab in the client's STEH VI-SPDAT program level navigation. Then click on "Add Form".

Select "VI-SPDAT ROI" and review it with the client/head of household. Note: you can also choose to upload a scanned, physical version of the form by selecting the "Upload Scanned Version of Form" toggle, but make sure you still have "VI-SPDAT ROI" selected if you choose to do this.

6. Once a "Current Living Situation" and a "VI-SPDAT ROI" have been completed, go to the "Assessments" tab and complete the appropriate VI-SPDAT (Transition Age Youth, Single Adult, or Family).

Complete a Referral to the Community Queue

Once the VI-SPDAT is complete, you will see a "Program Eligibility Determination" box with scores. Under this box, make sure to select the toggle labeled "VI-SPDAT" and click on the "Refer Directly to Community Queue(s)" button. A box will pop up, and you will be able to add a note if desired. You will then click on "Send Referral".

Documenting a Referral/Housing Match

After there has been a referral match, Case Managers will receive a notification/email from the STEH Coordinated Entry Team. As the STEH Coordinated Exit team does not have access to the YWCA's Clarity, YWCA Case Managers will need to record the referral/housing match in Clarity. This is an important step as DV providers who use a HMIS Comparable Databases must submit their own coordinated entry APR reports. 

To document a referral: 

  1. Make sure your agency is set to "YWCA Residential." 
  2. Search for and open the client's profile. 
  3. Go to the "History" or "Programs" tab and select the VI-SPDAT program enrollment. 
  4. Click on the "Events" tab in the program level navigation.

  5. Select the event that reflects the project type the client/household has been referred to.

  6. In the dropdown options, select the project the client/household has been matched with.

    To complete a referral to a YWCA program:
    Select OH-500
    Select the project type
    Select "YWCA Residential"
    Select the name of the project
    To complete a referral to a community/different agency:
    Select "Other"
    Select "Community Project"
  7. Enter notes applicable to the referral (e.g. the community agency the client/household was referred to or any special needs of the client/household.
  8. Select "SUBMIT."

Updating the Results of a Referral/Housing Match

  1. Make sure your agency is set to "YWCA Residential."
  2. Search for and open the client's profile.
  3. Go to the "History" or "Programs" tab and select the VI-SPDAT program enrollment.
  4. Click on the "Events" tab in the program level navigation.
  5. Scroll down to the "History" section in the Events tab
  6. Select the edit button next to the applicable referral.
    If the referral was successful and the client enrolled in the referred-to project, go to "Referral Result" and click on "Successful referral; client accepted." Scroll down and click on "Save Changes."

    If the referral was unsuccessful, go to "Referral Result" and select either "Unsuccessful referral; client rejected," or "Unsuccessful referral; provider rejected." Scroll down and enter in the notes section the reason why the client/provider denied the referral, then click on "Save Changes."

Contact Us

If you need help or wish to offer suggestions or feedback, please contact the Cincinnati/Hamilton County HMIS Support Team at or by calling 513-263-2790 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday-Friday excluding holidays. 

When contacting HMIS Support, please do not include any Personal Identifiable Information such as names, social security numbers, birth dates, etc. Acceptable information is the Clarity Unique Identifier found on the Clarity client's profile page.