This article details the instructions on accessing Dashboards in Clarity.  Dashboards are visualizations and charts of a variety of reports (called tiles) in one screen. Users with access to Data Analysis have the ability to view and run a variety of reports and Dashboards via the Data Analysis Tab.

This article includes:

  • How to access dashboards in Clarity
  • How to drill down or explore the data further

How to Access Dashboards in Clarity

  1. Select the Launcher in the top right of the screen. Click to open "Reports."
  2. Select the "Data Analysis" tab.
  3. Open "Cincinnati Clarity System Reports" by clicking the title or down arrow. These reports are built by the STEH HMIS Support Team.
  4. Select "Run" next to the Report or Dashboard you would like to view.
  5. Update the filters as applicable. There are two different views of the filter options
  6. Select "Run" to refresh the data.

How to Drill Down or Explore the Data Further

Each visualization or chart (tile) within a Dashboard can be explored further.  

  • Hover your mouse over a visualization to see additional data
  • Click on a visualization to view a list of clients and other details that are included.  Select "Explore from Here" in the top right to open the embedded version of looker to further manipulate the data.
  • Select the question mark icon or information icon to see more information regarding the specific tile