This article will outline the process of adding new users to TalentLMS and assigning courses.

How to Request Access STEH HMIS Training Courses: Helpdesk : STEH (
Process for Creating New Clarity Users: Helpdesk : STEH (


After a new user has been set up in Clarity, create a training account in STEH.TALENTLMS.COM.

  1. Go to "STEH.TALENTLMS.COM and select "Login." 

  2. Select "Add User" under the "Users" header.  You must have administrator access to add new users to Clarity

  3. Fill out First name, Last name, and Email address.  The username will automatically populate from the Email address.  If desired, you can make edits to the Username. Add a Password. Select "Add user" at the bottom.

  4. Select the plus symbol to assign a user to a course.

  5. The new user will receive 2 automated messages.
    1. The first contains their username and password
    2. The second contains a link to the course that has been assigned to them.

  6. To resend an automated email.  From the administrators dashboard:
    1. Select "Events Engine"
    2. "History"
    3. Find the message you would like re-sent, select the curved arrow under the "options" column and the message will be resent.
      1. If an email address is updated, and automated email is sent to the user using the new email with their updated login information.