Go to your profile screen (for help on accessing your profile screen click here) and enter a new password in the "Password" field. Enter the same password in the "Confirm Password" field right below it. Click "Save Changes". 

Note: Passwords must:

Be 8 characters or longer

Contain at least one uppercase character (A through Z)

Contain at least one lowercase character (a though z)

Contain at least one number (0 through 9)

Contain at least one non-alphanumeric character (!@#$%^&*)

Passwords cannot:

Be the same as three (3) prior passwords used for Clarity login

Contain the word "clarity"

Contain the user's first name, last name, or username

Contain "ABC" or "123"

Contain more than two (2) consecutive characters

Contain spaces 

Example of an acceptable password:  %953/Zr-6[7t5G (Do not use this one)

More information on passwords can be found on the Bitfocus help page Working with User Passwords. 

Contact Information

If you need help, or wish to offer suggestions or feedback, please contact the Cincinnati/Hamilton County HMIS Support Team at HMISsupport@end-homelessness.org or by calling 513-263-2790 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Monday through Friday excluding holidays. 

When contacting HMIS Support, please do not include any Personal Identifiable Information such as social security numbers, birth dates, etc. Acceptable information is first name and last 4 digits of SSN, or Clarity Unique Identifier found on the Clarity client's profile page.