Send support request emails from Freshdesk or cc so there is a searchable record of the request and the issue/solution are easily shared with the HMIS team.

Send an email immediately if the system is down, unreachable.

If a user reports an issue, 504 or "octopus page," incorrect reporting results, etc.

  1. Get as much information from the user as possible to recreate the issue. Only report issues that we can verify/recreate. Get on a screen share with the user if unable to duplicate.
  2. Document the process: as you work to verify the issue save screenshots, exact steps to create the issue, browser type and version, reporting criteria etc. Include as much detail as possible. 
  3. Work with the HMIS team to determine if the issue can be resolved without tier 3 (BF) support.
  4. Send email from Freshdesk or cc if tier 3 support is required.

BF Support Contact Information

Email to report bugs/issues or questions about features or functionality

For routine day-to-day issues, our awesome Technical Support Team is available for quick solutions; they can be reached via live chat, phone (800-594-9854 ext. 2), or email (  Should the matter require my assistance, the Helpdesk will assign the ticket to me and I’d work the ticket toward its resolution. 

BF account rep (BFF): Goeff Battersby,, 800.594.9854 x259. Contact Geoff regarding contracting, to initiate a statement of work, etc.

Clarity feature requests can be submitted here: